Cultural Licensing Curriculum

The White Earth Cultural Division was tasked with the creation of the White Earth Nation's Cultural Curriculum that is specific to the White Earth Nation History. The creation of the White Earth Curriculum is to educate all White Earth Programs, employees and community members of the basic understanding of our history as a Tribal Indigenous Nation of Turtle Island. The curriculum is going to be created in three phases and as follows.

  • Phase one is to have a rough draft by spring of 2016
  • Phase two is to have a final draft created by the Fall of 2016 and approved by the White Earth Tribal Council
  • Lastly, the third and final phase of implementation of the curriculum is scheduled to be complete in spring 2017. It will be presented to all White Earth Division employees and community members. Presentation of the curriculum will be in a formal setting to all divisions, employees and community members

Please keep checking the White Earth Cultural Division website for more information regarding the White Earth Nation's Cultural Curriculum.