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Circle of Life Academy

Located in White Earth, MN. Circle of Life Academy offers K-12 culturally based education to Native American students residing on or near the White Earth Reservation. It is a Bureau of Indian Education (BIE) Grant school operated by the White Earth Reservation Tribal Council. All teachers are fully licensed and highly qualified. Ojibwe language and culture classes are provided daily. Students are welcomed with smudging every morning upon entering the building. We strive to teach and live by the seven grandfather teachings.

Pine Point Public School

Located in Ponsford, MN. Pine Point School offers K-8 education to all students. Ninety-eight percent of students attending are Native American. Ojibwe language and culture are provided daily. White Earth Reservation Tribal Council has the same powers and duties as a school board under chapters 120A to 129C and other provisions applicable to school boards.

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Naytahwaush Community Charter School

Located in Naytahwaush, MN. The charter school offers K-6 education to all students. Ojibwe language and culture are provided daily.

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